Facts You Must Know About Us

If you are looking to buy private proxies, buypersonalproxy.com offers you the best dedicated proxies for high anonymity and security on Internet.
Our private dedicated proxies are exactly what you need to surf anonymously, it basically acts as an intermediate between you and the websites you need to access, this masking your ISP address from entities who might be intrested to locate your device.
If you decide to buy proxies, buy private proxies, buy dedicated proxies, buy socks5 we assure you that are 100% functional on any browser or app that supports http/https proxy or socks5 proxy. The difference between dedicated proxies or private proxies and public ip’s or shared proxies is that private proxies or dedicated proxies are assigned only to one client and you will not share it with anyone else.
We invite you to test our services by requesting a free 24 hours trial proxy or if you are decided buy proxies, buy dedicated proxies, buy private proxies, buy socks5.

High Speed & Performance

Unlimited bandwidth with up to 1GBPS conection and no restrictions.

Multiple Locations and Subnets

Non sequential IP addresses from USA and UK locations.


99,8% Unix Network Uptime

Your online presence will be constant when using our dedicated proxies.

100% Compatibility

Our dedicated proxies works with all browsers, bots and apps that support HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5.

buypersonalproxy.com browse privately and unblock restricted content


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Country: United States of America
Country Code: US
City: Ashburn
State or Region: Virginia
Latitude: 39.0437
Longitude: -77.4875
Timezone: -04:00

Tehnical Specifications

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Dedicated IP:
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5 minutes
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Elite/Highly anonymous
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Not Sequential
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Usage of Proxies

Please take a look at the list of services that we do not allow before purchasing a proxy package. Bear in mind that when you purchase a proxy plan you also warrant that your private proxies will not be used for unlawful purposes or for services prohibited by our terms & conditions.

Payment Info

We provide a month-to-month service that doesn’t involve a long-term obligation. Payment is automatic, which means that you are billed every month until you cancel your subscription. At the moment we only accept Paypal but we will add more payment options in the near future.

Proxies Subscribe

Your private proxy or proxies will stay the same for as long as you want. Even if your proxy plan includes a free proxy randomization/month you can choose not to use this feature. Several randomizations per month are also possible in exchange of an additional fee.

Order Proxies

The ordering process is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is create an account, select the proxy package that suits your needs best, add it to your shopping cart and pay it. Once payment is confirmed it won’t take longer than 5 minutes until your private proxies will appear in your account.