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Our Proxy Checker is designed to test proxy connections quickly and efficiently, allowing you to determine the status of your proxies—whether they are online or offline. It supports the most commonly used protocols: HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5, ensuring broad compatibility with your proxy needs.

Key Features:

  • ● Supported Protocols
    Choose between HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 for your proxy checks. Note that only one protocol can be selected per test run.
  • ● Simple Proxy Formatting
    Input your proxy list easily with our straightforward format: each proxy must be on a separate line in the "ip:port:user:pass" format.
  • ● Detailed Status Reporting
    In the Status column, not only will you see the real-time proxy status, but also relevant information regarding why a proxy may not be working. This feature provides deeper insights into potential issues, helping you troubleshoot and make informed decisions about your proxy list.
  • ● Comprehensive Test Results
    After running a check, users can:
    • ▶ View the results of the IP list test, including proxy latency, to evaluate the performance and responsiveness of each proxy. Latency is calculated via a connection stemming from a Virginia, US East server.
    • ▶ Rerun the test for the same proxy list to double-check or update results.
    • ▶ Start a new test with a different proxy list for continuous monitoring.
    • ▶ Download the list of online proxies as a TXT file, as well as the list of offline proxies, for record-keeping or further analysis.
Our tool is designed to streamline the process of proxy verification, providing you with the insights needed to maintain optimal online operations. Whether you're retesting an existing list or starting fresh with a new batch of proxies, our Proxy Checker has you covered.