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Lets make money together!

Affiliate Program Information

Join Affiliate Program

Lets make money together!

Earn 20% of the sales made from your reference.

Affiliate Commision - Earn 20%

Earn 20%

You will receive 20% from each valid order that is placed by your refferals users.

Affiliate Refferals - Promote your link

Promote your link

Share your Refferal link on your website, on forums or promote on internet and make money.

Affiliate Payouts - Earn Money!

Earn Money!

Minimum payout amount is $50.00. Each payout takes up to 30day to be processed.

1. You need at least 5 different referrals to be eligible as affiliate. You cannot use affiliate to discount your own plans
2. Affiliate links are compatible only to new customers, existing customers on BPP if they purchase via a referral link it will not count as an affiliate order
3. You will earn 20% from each payment the referred customer will do on our website
4. Minimum payout amount is $50.00
5. Each payout takes up to 30day to be processed
6. Affiliate dashboard will be available in your BPP account

How to Join Affiliate Program:
1. Create an account on our website. Create your BPP account!
2. Go to your account and Access Affiliate section
3. Agree Affiliate Terms and after that click on Confirm button
4. Lets make money together!